uRun – a Framework for a mobile running assistant

Marc Graessle Dirk Werth Jürgen Tacken Stephan Flake Carsten Rust Andreas Emrich Alexandra Chapko(2011)
In: Proceedings of the 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2011), Brisbane, Australia, 07/2011

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This article presents a framework which enables end users to create small, sharply focused
mobile services directly on a mobile device. By this, end users are no longer only consumers of
mobile services – they also become producers and providers of mobile services. The domain of
mobile health and fitness applications has been chosen to demonstrate the feasibility of the
approach. The article presents the underlying platform for easy creation of mobile services and
describes our implementation of a Web-based editor for easy mobile service creation as well as
our solution to access device capabilities out of Web applications.