Towards a Taxonomy of Virtual Reality Usage in Education: A Systematic Review

Makhkamova, A., Exner, J. P., Greff, T. & Werth, D(2020)
In: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Springer, S. 283-296, DOI:

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Virtual reality market is undergoing a rapid extension and continually evolves with technological advancements. Today it is populated with solutions which are complex in terms of interaction and graphics. One such example is applications for educational purposes, a distinct class of VR solutions, development of which implies consideration of multiple disciplines. However, there is still no standard general-purposes classification of those solutions. Different interested parties develop separate and mosaic categorizations based on their field, audience and purposes. This paper reviews reported classification schemes of using virtual reality for learning and summarizes them towards a taxonomy. It tries to implement a multidisciplinary approach, without focusing on one particular aspect, but rather integrating prospects from such fields as human-computer interaction, pedagogy, psychology, and technology. The paper provides a brief overview of existing veins of VR research on education and training as well as proposes relevant research directions.