Towards A Design Proposal For Social Media Driven Business Process Management

Dirk Werth; Christina Di Valentin; Thomas Burkhart; Peter Loos(2012)
In: International Conference on Internet Technologies & Society (ITS-12), Perth, Australien, 11/2012, PAJAIS

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Social media applications are characterized by a new kind of interaction and collaboration between individuals. Hence, they encompass a large potential within entrepreneurial context. Many aspects about social media that are already used in private life so far have not been applied in enterprise business process models. This paper shows potentials for social media applications in business context. Based on a state of the art analysis, this paper shows potential application fields of social media within process management. We call this aspect “Social Media enhanced Business Process Management (BPM)”. The methodology of this study is based on the different steps of the business process management (BPM) lifecycle. Based on a holistic idea finding process, several potential use cases are arranged within the BPM lifecycle. The result shows, that especially within the BPM cycle phases of “Business Process Design” and “Business Process Controlling” there exist so far unused potentials of social media applications. The paper concludes with a summary of the found results and an outlook on future research based on the identified use-cases.