Prosumerization of mobile service provision: a conceptual approach

Dirk Werth; Andreas Emrich; Alexandra Chapko(2011)
In: International Journal of Web Portals (IJWP), In: 3, 4, IGI Global, Hershey, S. 44-55

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Prosumerization is the enabling of users to act as producers. Prosumerization of content for the mobile internet, in which users are consumers and producers of content, is a recent trend. However, user-generated mobile services are the next big step for mobile service provision emerging from the prosumerization of content. Benefits for platform and telecommunication providers can be significant, especially if information released by prosumers is used wisely by providers. This article derives implications for providers and their applied information technology. An architectural proposal is described which focuses on the usage of prosumers’ information for internal business adaptations of providers as well as creation of feedback to the prosumers. Since prosumers as additional creative force in the development process move much closer to a provider’s business, user-centricity has to go beyond improved customer relationship management.