On the Current State of Digital Transformation in the German Market for Business Consulting

Nissen, V., Füßl, A., Werth, D., Gugler, K., & Neu, C.(2018)
In: Advances in Consulting Research. Contributions to Management Science, Springer, S. 317-339, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-95999-3_15

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Among many other industries, the digital transformation has also reached the consulting and IT services sector for some time. Not only client-side projects for the redesign of digital business models are carried out, but also consultancies face the challenge of rethinking their own business and delivery models in order to remain competitive. To determine the current status and future developments of the digital transformation in business consulting, an empirical study was conducted in the German market in summer 2017. A total of 233 usable answers were evaluated. This article summarizes the main results. Although there is an advance on an earlier study from end of 2015, low-virtualized consulting technologies are still predominantly used in a primarily supportive function. Highly virtualized consulting tools and tasks, such as complex analytical applications, cognitive systems and self-service consulting apps, despite their disruptive potential, remain marginal phenomenons up to now.