Integrating Augmented Reality into Print Media - Use Case Analyses and User Interface Development

Rocco Raso; Dirk Werth; Peter Loos(2014)
In: MindTrek Conference 2014, Tampere, Finnland, November 2014, ACM Press, S. 252-257, DOI:

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Mobile technologies offer an extremely wide range of possibilities which were still unimaginable a few years ago. Smartphones enable a ubiquitous connection to the internet and Augmented Reality (AR) allows the interaction of virtual entities with the real world. In this paper we present an innovative model of an AR interface. This model enhances the reading experience of print based media through the use of mobile technologies. We present an AR interface which is able to define a Mixed Reality (MR) environment where real and virtual entities coexist and interact. Through the AR interface, different typologies of virtual contents are visualized. These contents are related to the print based editorial content of print media. A specific virtual content is represented by the integration of a recommender system used to provide individualized recommendations about relevant editorial contents. The ontology of the derived MR environment is presented to describe the knowledge framework of the AR interface. We show three use cases related to the same research project in order to express the conceptual design of the system and the peculiarities of the presented AR interface.