FlexChain - Blockchain-induced activation of small flexibilitypotentials in the low-voltage grid

Torabi-Goudarzi, S., Alt, S. & Werth, D.(2021)
In: Abstracts from the Energy Informatics. Academy Asia 2021 conference and PhD workshop, 09/2021, S. P4, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s42162-021-00145-9

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The activation of flexibility potentials and using them forstabilizing the power grid is a crucial component to overcome thechallenges of the energy transition. Flexibility potentials are not onlyprovided by centralized, large-scaled traditional power plants butalso by private households. The increasing availability of electric-powered vehicles, photovoltaic systems, and energy storage systemsin private households make such flexibilities even more available andincreases the importance of private households. The role of house-holds, therefore, changes from pure consumers to consumers andproducers of electric power. These households are called prosumers.The activation of small prosumer flexibilities can thereby make a de-cisive contribution to the systematic stabilization of local powergrids. FlexChain research project goals are developing an easy-to-use, decentralized efficient trading platform and generating incen-tives for private households to provide their prosumer flexibility tostabilize their local power grid.