Digitization Driven Design – A Guideline to Initialize Digital Business Model Creation

Greff, T., Neu, C., Johann, D. & Werth, D.(2018)
In: BMSD 2018. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (vol. 319), Springer, S. 308-318, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-94214-8_22

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As a megatrend, the so-called Digital Transformation describes the entire potential of new technologies in economy. Thereby new approaches are needed to reveal this potential for companies. Looking at the literature a structured guideline is missing to reveal this potential by developing new digital business models (DBM) from the scratch. Therefore, this paper develops a structured framework to create ideas for DBMs. It contributes to business research by improving the initiation of digital reengineering. The resulting framework is called the Digitization Driven Design model (=D3 model). The application of this approach is described with a consulting-company use case. Initial evaluations show the first promising expert feedbacks and possibilities for future research.