Conceiving a Method for Viewpoint-based Modeling Using Recommender Systems in a Multiple-User Environment - Conceptual Approach and Proof-of-Concept

Julian Krumeich; Dirk Werth; Peter Loos(2014)
In: 22nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS2014), Tel Aviv, Israel, June 2014, tba

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This paper conceives a viewpoint-based modeling method that applies the concept of viewpoints to collaborative modeling to foster the incorporation of multiple stakeholders. In collaborative modeling settings, problems like low model acceptance among involved stakeholders are typical due to their limited understanding of the overall model or system to be developed. The conceived viewpoint-based modeling method aims at solving such problems by introducing and using stakeholder-specific viewpoints on collaboratively created models. In doing so, the viewpoint concept facilitates and improves the involvement of multiple stakeholders from different domains into the collaborative modeling process. To effectively distribute and coordinate modeling activities among all participants, the method utilizes the concept of recommender systems with the eventual goal to end up with a consolidated, conflict-free model that has been collectively constructed. Besides the development of the viewpoint-based modeling method, the paper at hand—following design science research—additionally presents its Proof-of-Concept by means of a prototypical implementation and an evaluation of the proposed recommender algorithm.