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The AWS-Institute for digitized products and processes (AWSi) was founded in 2014 to foster research and innovation. The Institute focuses on digitization of economy and society. Digitized Consulting, Blended Learning, Industry 4.0, Digitized Business Models and Processes are our main topics.

The AWSi is an independent research institute that committed itself to develop new technologies and think ahead business models. That’s why we place great value on combining research with innovation and entrepreneurship.We are located at the campus of Saarland University, which is one of the most renowned German universities in computer science.

Our approach to Innovation

Innovation is more than just raising new ideas or implementing technologies. It is about generating economic impact. This clearly marks the center of our work. We are an innovation hub that enables the digital transformation. Our ideas will be implemented

as software prototypes that are evaluated by partners and customers. In an iterative process, these solutions are continuously improved. This is our way to create market-ready products.

Our topics

Analytics & Business Diagnostics

For almost every company using information systems, like ERP systems, have become essential. But these information systems create huge amounts of data like master, inventory or transaction data. These data may contain unknown and potentially useful knowledge which needs to be extracted and made usable. As classical data analysis is reaching its limit, the topic of Big Data is pushing forward to analysize the huge number of structured as well as unstructed data produced by any information system.

The AWS Institute transfers Data Analytics methods into operational software providing information and knowledge from pure data. The software helps companies to find interesting information from the collected data.



Consulting 4.0

Consulting has initiated, enforced and guided the digitization of other branches for years. But for now, they almost did not adopt digitization to their own industry, their own level of digitization is still low. We are working on digitizing consultants, consulting processes and consulting delivery. In those areas, we conceive new approaches and implement them into software systems, e.g. an eConsulting Store or a Self-Service Consulting System, which constitute promising advancements for the future consultancy. Both research works and prototypes have already resulted from the Institute’s works and provide the basis for the industry’s digital evolution.


Teaching and Learning 4.0

Digitization changes teaching and learning and offers vast potentials especially in this area. Teachers and learners at schools, universities and vocational educational offers can benefit equally from new, digital educational concepts. Computer-assisted learning permits to increase the learning motivation and to adapt learning content and pace individually to personal demand and learning type. The AWSi concentrates on research in the area of digital education and university 4.0. We develop scenarios that foster the organizational change.


Industry 4.0

The fourth digital revolution occupies and challenges the whole industry branch. New technologies like IoT, 3D printing, predictive analytics and cyberphysic systems have to be used to steady the profitability and thus the competitiveness of the future industrial enterprise. Thereby it is inevitable to expedite research in the different topic areas. In addition to the basic research in the area of I4.0 by founder Prof. A.-W. Scheer the Institute deals intensively with the thematic focuses 3D printing and 3D configurators.


Business Processes 4.0

The claim “The innovation is in the processes” summarizes compactly on what the AWS-Institute is working. One of the main tasks of future-oriented operations research is to analyse business processes and to create disruptive innovations. We create tools to accelerate the digitization of business processes. Furthermore, we conceive methodologies for business process management that are driven by digital technologies such as case-by-case optimization or machine learning based improvements.


Business Models 4.0

The digital transformation changes existing business models and creates new ones. Companies of all industries are forced to overthink their traditional business models, to adapt them or even to develop completely new business models. The AWS-Institute investigates how digital business models can be described  and which features they display compared with traditional business models. Developing new concepts and methods which enable the digital transformation is one of the institute’s main tasks. We create tools and systems that function as essential requirement for the transformation of existing and the developing of new business models.

The founder

The professor of information systems and business informatics, inventor of ARIS-concept and successful entrepreneur August-Wilhelm Scheer founded the AWSi to advance the combination of research, teaching and entrepreneurship and hence to strengthen the german software industry.

Learn more about Prof. Scheer at his Blog (in German)

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer

“The institute will accelerate the innovation chain, successfully transforming research into marketproven products”

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