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We are passionate about the latest technologies and innovative business models: We already know the digital trends of tomorrow. As future shapers, we are passionate about developing digital solutions. Our top priority is application and customer orientation – that’s how we love to create custom-fit solutions for customers and partners. Driven by curiosity, creativity and the will to design, we transform companies into the digital age! Digital performance is guaranteed for our partners – today, tomorrow and in the future.



We are innovative, ambitious and agile. With our hands-on mentality, we develop digital solutions for the future and bring research to the streets. In this way, high-tech research quickly becomes a market-relevant result for Super Smart Products, Super Smart Processes and Super Smart People.






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In 2014, we were founded by August-Wilhelm Scheer and have been part of the private foundation since then. We work independently as a non-profit research institute and select our projects with a view to their future economic and social significance. Our motto: closely interlink research and economic practice and implement future-oriented solutions.