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The August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute for Digital Products and Processes is active in its exploitation-oriented research projects in various topics and technologies. The international and interdisciplinary team has set itself the task of thinking ahead about digital applications and business models for the companies of the future. With our innovative, application-oriented solutions, you achieve the decisive market advantage.

The goal of every collaboration is to accelerate the innovation process and create digital applications with the customer through rapid prototyping. Our offer is currently focused on four areas of application.

smart working

Research content on New Work

Smart Work strives to advance the change from classic everyday work on site to hybrid work models and remote working through the use of intelligent systems. Join us in the professional world of the future!

Smart Industry

Research content on Industry 4.0

Smart Industry aims to identify new challenges of digitalization in the economy and to overcome them with the help of market-oriented applications. Decide today for tomorrow - with us you will achieve the market advantage through digital transformation!

Smart City

The modern creative communication and internet network connect in smart city. Concept of 5G wireless digital connection and internet of things future.

Smart City includes the question of how traffic and mobility, as key drivers of society and the economy, can be made more efficient and thus more sustainable in the future using a variety of data streams. We make the road fit for the future!

Smart People

Digital Consulting & Smart Services

Smart People aims to identify and use the opportunities of digitalization for people in user-oriented product and process development. We connect digital tools with the real world.

  • Zweitblick

    We make specialist knowledge usable for you online and offline.

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  • Desktop activity mining

    We bring order to your process chaos through anonymous process transparency at the click level.

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    Efficiently managing and analyzing data in battery research.

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  • Secure your staff

    A real-time warning system that warns of physically harmful stress in everyday work.

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  • Digital Product Passport

    Strengthen competitiveness: allocate the CO2 emissions caused to the process and product. Reduce CO2 consumption and save costs through transparency.

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  • Intelligent infrastructure monitoring

    Inexpensive and time-saving status assessment of the municipal infrastructure.

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  • Competence measurement

    Building the skills of your employees as a future-proof investment in the company's success

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  • Haptic learning experience

    With our Haptic Experience concept we bring motoric experiences into the digital world!

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  • Entrepreneurship Saar

    A talent-centric program to discover, activate and coach the next generation of entrepreneurial personalities.

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  • intrapreneurship program

    Turn your employees and the company into innovation champions.

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We are already working together with companies and research institutes on innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.