Virtual Remote Inspection – A new Concept for Virtual Reality enhanced real-time Maintenance

Linn, C., Bender, S., Prosser, J., Schmitt, K., & Werth, D.(2017)
In: 2017 23rd International Conference on Virtual System & Multimedia (VSMM), S. 1-6, DOI:

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Virtual Reality (VR) technology has found its way from entertainment and gaming applications into industrial environments. Only few approaches discuss the application of VR in the inspection and maintenance domain. Having reliable maintenance processes is however of significant importance for the economic success of manufacturing companies. In order to optimize manual maintenance processes, we developed a concept for visual remote inspections of manufacturing machines based on Virtual Reality technology. The approach focusses on the usage of real-world recordings that enable the viewer to virtually move to another place. We realized and demonstrated the developed concept in a prototypical implementation.