Towards Collaborative Analysis of Computational Fluid Dynamics using Mixed Reality

Schweiß, T., Nagaraj, D., Bender, S., & Werth, D.(2021)
In: VISIGRAPP (1: GRAPP), S. 284-291

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Computational fluid dynamics is an important subtopic in the field of fluid mechanics. The associated workflow includes post processing simulation data which can be enhanced using Mixed Reality to provide an
intuitive and more realistic three-dimensional visualization. In this paper we present a cloud-based proof of concept Mixed Reality system to accomplish collaborative post processing and analysis of computational
fluid dynamics simulation data. This system includes an automated data processing pipeline with a ML-based 3D mesh simplification approach and a collaborative environment using current head mounted Mixed Reality
displays. To prove the effectiveness and accordingly support the workflow of engineers in the field of fluid mechanics we will evaluate and extend the system in future work.