Iterative User-Centered Design Approach to Create a Mixed Reality Application for Practicing Manual Medicine Skills

Makhkamova, A., Gast, O., & Werth, D.(2021)
In: INTED2021 Proceedings, S. 5650-5657, DOI: https://doi:10.21125/inted.2021.1140

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In this paper, we discuss the creation of a prototype of an educational app to train psychomotor skills perpetual to manual medicine, i.e., to palpation and treatment of so-called trigger points. We will discuss and present several design loops, discuss the educational, technical, and design requirements and tradeoffs, and advocate towards the use of user-centered design, especially for learning.

The work reported in this paper is carried out as a part of the project named SmartHands (funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF under project number 01PG20006), in which we try to integrate innovative media (such as AR; VR, haptic devices) into the medical domain. As the project is still in the starting phase, we will focus on identifying the state of the art and white spots regarding the use of digital realities for that type of learning, literature analysis of similar projects, discussion of the requirements (technical, educational, usability) and process of the design.