Experiences and Future of Using VR in the Construction Sector

Makhamova, A., Exner, J.-P., Spilski, J., Bender, S., Schmidt, M., Pietschmann, M., Werth, D. & Rugel, D.(2020)
In: SHAPING URBAN CHANGE–Livable City Regions for the 21st Century. Proceedings of REAL CORP 2020, 25th International Conference on Urban Development, Regional Planning and Information Society, S. 301-309

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Living in the era of digitalization shapes more or less all the aspects of one’s life. The multitude of available technologies extends the range of tools, established processes, and available affordances in many spheres. Cities of the future will not only impact the living patterns of their inhabitants but also require special conditions and requirements for their planning and design. Virtual reality as an interactive tool for visualization and urban planning is no more tomorrow’s technology, as it can be seen from the appearance of cheaper and portable virtual reality devices. However, we still lack established routine and multidisciplinary best practices for designing VR educational applications. There are also not enough “visionary approaches” attempting to cross-sectoral exploitation of technologies. In this paper we will try to extrapolate and extend learning use cases of construction and mechatronics to the broader areas of construction and planning sector. We will discuss our experiences and use-cases of integrating innovative visualizations tools in the learning context of construction and planning related fields. Based on this, we will discuss potential applications and links to other disciplines and their integration into the construction and planning sector.