Enabling Interoperability between Public Administrations. A Pan-European Approach

Dirk Werth; Otmar Adam; Fabrice Zangl(2004)
In: eChallenges International Conference 2004, Vienna, Austria, October 2004

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The enlargement of the European Union will lead to a higher number of cross-national curriculum vitas of European citizens. Thus, the complexity of public administration interaction across Europe will rise. To ensure that this interaction does not become a barrier to citizens‘ mobility, European public administrations need to support eGovernment in an informational, communicational and transactional stage, but above all in an integration stage. The interaction of processes from public services needs to be integrated in an interoperable infrastructure. Such a solution was developed on a conceptual and technical level in „InfoCitizen“, an EU project The solution was proven to be working in scenarios simulating a real curriculum vitae of a mobile European citizen.