A personalized and context-aware mobile assistance system for cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation

Dirk Werth; Peter Loos; Alexandra Chapko; Boris Feodoroff(2013)
In: Deutscher AAL-Kongress (AAL-13), Berlin, Germany, January 2013, Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, S. 161-173, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-37988-8_11

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Existing approaches for personalized regulation and adaptation of physical activity for cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation are often based on one quantitative parameter, usually heart rate. Other influence factors such as time of day, nutritional condition, outside temperature, exhaustion level are ignored and greatly impede an optimal personalization. In the following an innovative mobile assistance system is presented uses electrocardiogram (ECG) records as parameter for personalization (an electrocardiogram is proven to be better parameter for personalization). Moreover a “connected pedelec”, i.e. a bicycles equipped with an auxiliary motor which only assists when the cyclist pedals, is used a exercise machine. Thus, for the first time automated regulation and personalized adaptation based on ECG records are made mobile. In addition, a holistic approach is applied which also considers other parameters for the assistance during the exercise but also for the assistance before and after the exercise. As a result a more holistic approach for personalized regulation and adaptation of physical activity and individualized assistance and motivation is provided before and after exercise.