ViKI pro’s hybrid AI technology aims to systematically support skilled nursing decisions related to the care process, based on evidence and expertise, in a way that is relevant to everyday life.


Through ViKI pro, current specialist knowledge is continuously processed and actively made available for nursing process planning.


As a result, nursing decisions can be better reflected upon and justified, and the quality of care in inpatient long-term care can be sustainably improved.

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In a nutshell


With the ViKI pro project, the consortium is developing and testing an AI-based, knowledge- and data-driven as well as self-learning support system for professional care process design in long-term care. The essential function of ViKI pro, developed for the first time for nursing as a hybrid AI system, is an interactive decision support as digitally assisted nursing planning, in which nursing professionals are proposed scientifically and professionally justified nursing measures weighted with regard to their quality. In the further course of the care process, ViKI pro continues to be active in the background and makes it possible to incorporate a changed situation as well as new knowledge learned in the meantime into the decision-making process. This continuously intelligent support is one of the strengths of ViKI pro, which sets the system apart from other nursing documentation systems.


Using the knowledge and case databases as the data basis for the AI, the system compares the current situation and the risks of the residents along defined items and then proposes care measures whose quality is determined by the respective degree of recommendation and the information on effectiveness. The target value for the AI is thus the relevance of a care measure or its recommendation for care planning. The nursing staff can then weigh these up on the basis of their experience and, together with the residents, select suitable measures, incorporate them into the care planning and assess their effectiveness after certain periods of time. The latter is also fed back into the system and flows into future proposals for measures. To avoid duplicate documentation, ViKI pro is compatible with the now widespread structured information collection SIS® of the nursing facilities and the nursing information and documentation system in use, so that the nursing staff receive suggestions for suitable measures in the working environment they are familiar with, and can plan, document and evaluate them.

Initial situation


In Germany, 818,000 people in need of care are cared for in 15,380 nursing homes by around 243,000 nursing professionals (Federal Statistical Office 2020). Increasingly, this involves complex care requirements.

The foundation of professional nursing work is the nursing process, the individual steps of which must be documented in a comprehensible manner. From the perspective of nursing science, the decision-making and justification competencies of nursing professionals in the nursing process represent a central core of this professional work.

from knowledge base


through integrated case database

The August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute develops the following components:

Tasks in the ViKI pro network are the development of AI-based cloud technology for data processing and data exchange using federated learning as well as a human-in-the-loop system for data validation.


The ViKIpro project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Funding code: 16SV8870
Duration: 01.08.2022 – 31.07.2025