Successful knowledge and technology transfer

We support you in identifying and leveraging the potential of digitalization for your company.

With our services, we support you in mastering the challenges of the future. You benefit from the extensive knowledge, aquired by our practical-oriented research and wide-ranging industry expertise. The digital world is spinning faster and faster. More complex products, networked processes and the constant emerging of new technologies make it almost impossible to comprise all the necessary skills in-house. That is why we offer you short-term support in addition to long-term cooperation projects. Be it in the form of an impulse lecture to increased creativity, the preparation of a detailed potential analysis or technology scouting. We will find a way to identify and harness the potential of digitalization for your company.


Digitalisierung ist unsere DNA


Blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence – the technological possibilities are changing at breakneck speed. We support our partners in identifying and harnessing the potential of digitalization for themselves. An independent analysis and evaluation of one’s own digitalization capability or new digital business potential is a big step towards a successful future.

Innovation & Idea Workshop

Whether you want to develop new ideas or evaluate and finalize existing ones, we can help you come up with promising and thoughtful concepts.


  • Investigation of possible digital business and application areas.
  • Identification and evaluation of use cases or suitable technologies.
  • The potential measures are prioritized according to feasibility and cost-effectiveness and checked for short-, medium- and long-term implementation potential.
360° Digitalization - Needs Analysis

Independent analysis and evaluation of your own digitalization capability. The result, a prioritized catalog of measures.


  • Prioritization through a cost-effectiveness coefficient as an aggregated KPI.
  • Quick wins
  • Lighthouse projects
  • Cost and time estimation


The 360° digitalization needs analysis identifies potential for new digital business areas, digital business process optimization and thus pays off the digital strategy.

Incubation Lab


Every technology has advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to our numerous, practice-oriented research projects, we know many technologies across industries even before they hit the market. We help you find the right technology for your company and your challenges.

Emerging Technology-Scouting

To remain competitive, it is essential to have sound information on emerging technologies at an early stage.


  • We accompany you as an independent service provider in the strategic technology and vendor selection.
  • We support you as a development and project partner in the context of transformation and digitalization projects.


We can give you general advice on the use of various technologies, or find the right solution for you in the form of feasibility studies, technology comparisons or specific projects. Please feel free to contact us.

Digital New Work


Talent-centered for more innovative strength. The potential of employees and the use of hidden talents increases the future viability of every company. We use the existing potential of your employees and further develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Agility turns change into habit and habit into competitiveness.


We offer best-in-class in scientific and talent-centric incubation. With our intrapreneurship program, we empower your employees to independently drive ideas and innovation.


  • Transparency about employee potential
  • Optimization of the prerequisites for entrepreneurial action
  • Empowerment of your employees to become active intrapreneurs


Agility turns change into habit and habit into competitiveness. Learn more here.

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