The OekoProOf project is based on a cross-sector IT system that makes resource consumption, resource efficiency and sustainability effects visible to companies and customers.


The Digital Process Passport enables these parameters and the associated CO2 emissions to be precisely assigned to each order and process step.


The system thus creates more transparency, identifies potential savings and is an essential component in establishing a circular economy quickly and efficiently.

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In a nutshell


Taking into account the interests of society, the ecological and social wishes of the customer, and the economic objectives, energy and resource efficiency is shown and controlled holistically, simultaneously, and precisely to the order. The main focus here is on a variable approach that can be adapted according to customer requirements (cost minimization, sustainability maximization or acceleration of processes). Each process step can be individually analyzed and evaluated in terms of efficiency and resource consumption. In addition, it is possible to monitor and optimize the CO2 balance of all work steps.


The challenge is to allocate emissions and energy consumption precisely to the process. The central component of the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute’s solution approach is the Digital Process Passport, the heart of OekoProOf. The Digital Process Passport fulfills the function of a control instrument for intelligent efficiency management and, at the same time, that of an evaluation medium. In order to provide the highest possible quality of data, it uses process modeling, process connectivity, resource consumption modeling and resource efficiency modeling as well as process tracking incl. forecasts and a decision support system.

Initial situation

Society’s steadily growing environmental awareness is having an increasing impact on business. Rising energy costs, higher requirements for verification and customer demand for sustainable products and processes pose a challenge for many companies. For this reason, the topic of circular economy is becoming increasingly important.

There is therefore a need for a supporting solution, in particular to be able to allocate the resource saving potentials (economic and ecological) precisely to the process and then to make assisted decisions in a business, market and customer-oriented manner. This is precisely where the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute comes in with the OekoProOf project.




Tapping unused

energy potential


The August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute develops the following components:

Data points. These are recorded and controlled via measuring systems and smart sensor technology.

Digital process passport. It is responsible for the evaluation and intelligent efficiency control of energy efficiency and resource efficiency and serves as an innovative extension of energy management systems and energy monitoring systems. In terms of software technology, the modular coupling is realized through cloud software services as a microservice architecture.



The OekoProOf project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.
Funding code: 03EI5011C
Duration: 01.01.2022 bis 31.12.2024