A web-based service platform links individual competencies that support the process from design to creation of wearables and can be flexibly combined.


Our recommender system autonomously suggests a suitable selection of textiles and devices such as sensors and actuators for combination with the design idea.


The business and financing model and formal legal regulations for co-productions, company formation or the prosumer approach.

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Tobias Albert

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In a nutshell


The research project “MYOW – Make your Own Wearables” was launched to bring together fashion designers, DIY makers, service providers and manufacturers in a web-based system. In this way, competencies for the development of personalized wearables can be exchanged quickly and easily.


The MYOW platform provides an assistance system for the individual configuration of wearables that supports the process from design to creation by assembling a suitable selection and combination of sensors, actuators, devices and textiles.

initial situation

Intelligent textiles, so-called “smart wearables”, aim to provide the user with more functionality. These textiles have various potential applications, such as the ability to communicate with other devices, conduct energy or protect the wearer from environmental hazards.

The largest market volume is currently in the sports and fitness industry. Beyond that, however, countless application possibilities are conceivable. To fully exploit this potential, small companies and do-it-yourself makers or startups must also be given access to the market. Up to now, they have often lacked the necessary know-how, e.g. in the areas of programming or electrical engineering. In addition, there are relatively small budgets for consulting special experts or service providers. This makes the production of personalized wearables very costly and innovative ideas fall by the wayside.

market size 2019

US $ 2.16 billion

forecast 2025

US $ 5.93 billion

The August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute brings 3 crucial values to the table:

Business model development. The concrete benefit is to provide business and financing models as well as formal legal regulations for the co-productions and web platforms. In this way, we enable the emergence of new products, the prosumer approach, and the leap from private “DIY making” to company formation.


Recommendersystem. The special feature is the individual configuration of wearables for everyone. An assistance system recommends a suitable selection and combination of textiles and e.g. sensors, actuators or other necessary devices based on keywords from a database. In this way, one can implement one’s wearable idea without prior knowledge.


Community platform. The advantage is the networking of all involved competences, which are necessary to implement the idea and the fusion of professional sensor technology with textile products up to a high-quality article. In the process, all individual players can be combined to form a flexible service chain. The community matchmaking is based on the information in the personal profile. Based on one’s own skills, the necessary competencies that are still missing in the implementation of one’s own wearable are recommended.

This research project has been completed.



The MYOW project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.