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Digitalization is in our DNA.

In each of us there is a great deal of curiosity and the will to help shape the future of digitalization and to make a difference with our work. And that in a wide range of topics! Digitalization is not an industry solution, but affects the future of all of us. Therefore, we use synergy effects from our projects for fields of application in different areas of digitalization .

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Our main topics

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For us, research not only means developing new theories, but also putting innovations on the road. Together with you, we would like to develop new research approaches for the future of digitalization and not look at them in an ivory tower, but actually put them into practice. Together we think ahead and deal with the companies of the future - or as we call it "Super Smart Enterprises".

Our goal is to design new topics, sometimes to develop unconventional ideas and to make an impact on the economy and society with our work on innovative digitalization projects.

As a developer, you will immerse yourself in various topics and work with different technologies, programming languages ​​and frameworks. We develop innovative applications that solve future problems - whether through the use of artificial intelligence or the development of new extended reality solutions. You design your work yourself: From the construction and conception of the basic software architecture to the practical implementation and testing as part of our projects, you can contribute your ideas and work independently in an agile team at eye level.

We constantly face new challenges and work with cutting-edge technologies. Our tech stack is also diverse. Learn more about it on our Stackshare page.

We develop new topics from the idea on the whiteboard to project conception and implementation in practice and manage the innovation process from the start. However, you will not find classic project management with us - we work agilely in a team at eye level and also involve all our colleagues in active project work. As a project manager, you not only design the processes, but also have an active influence on the results of our digitalization projects.

Our work takes the form of various projects, which can be publicly funded research projects, customer-oriented industrial projects or internal development projects. Project management therefore plays an important role in our daily work.

Our mission is to get research on the road and make an impact on society and the working world of the future with our work. To ensure that this works, you will work hand in hand with our colleagues on the development of ideas and solutions, with a particular focus on practice and potential users.

You establish contact with practice partners and potential customers early in the development process in order to understand market needs, steer our projects in the right direction and provide important impetus. So that prototypes can become products, you act close to the market and, with a certain amount of entrepreneurial spirit, take our ideas from paper to the next new tech start-up.

Creativity and a keen sense of communication characterize our colleagues in the Public Relations & Design team. In cooperation with the project colleagues, you and the PR team support you in transporting complex topics of digitalization in a way that is understandable for business, the press and politics and in bringing our #digitalDNA to the public. In addition to press and public relations work, our social media presence, the production of videos, and the planning of conferences and events, our committed colleagues are also responsible for the editing and production of our own specialist magazine IM+io.

As part of our HR, Controlling & Admin team, you are the institute's "safety car": We organize all important processes in the background and take the strain off our colleagues. Our start-up mentality not only prevails in our project business, but also affects our administrative areas: We don't have any set paths yet. We develop regularly, question ourselves and try to make our internal processes more efficient.

Our HR team is always looking for talent and creative minds who want to shape and influence the digital future together with us. The controlling team takes care of efficient planning and control of our various departments at the institute and keeps the finances under control. In addition to other tasks, our administration takes care of the shopping and makes sure that we don't run out of sweets 😉

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