Internet of Things & Quantified Everything

Imagine a universe of intelligent products, processes and services that communicate with each other and with people via the Internet. From smart phones and smart clothing, called wearables, to medical devices and sensors, connected devices collect data that create efficiency and satisfy customer needs. The Internet of Things will change companies and countries and usher in a new era of economic growth and competitiveness.

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Industry 4.0 was originally presented as an innovation framework at the Hannover Messe in 2011. The basis is comprehensive digital connectivity to build intelligent factories and enable extreme automation in science and society. In this context, “Internet of Things (IoT)” is crucial for connecting, collecting and evaluating large amounts of data from embedded sensors. Combining IoT real-time data analysis with artificial intelligence (AI) creates a state of global connectivity or “Quantified Everything”.

The first practical applications for society can be seen in so-called smart wearable technologies. Networked work or sportswear that communicates with people in real time thanks to integrated sensors. A healthier posture, improved training results. Thanks to the digital possibilities, there are no limits to the imagination.