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Our goal is to create digital added value for the companies of the future. For this reason, we share all our knowledge with you in the Insights format. Here you will find new content on the relevant topics around digital transformation every month. Internal and external expert contributions, application examples, interviews with experts and the latest research findings. This way, you can inform yourself transparently and in a self-determined manner.

Our Insights

Insights Robotic Process Automation

Smart Process

Process management as the key to success. Quickly applicable solutions, forward-looking research projects and exciting examples from practice.

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Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Driven by the shift of continuous power sources towards renewable energy, we have the vision to realize the digital transformation of the power grid.

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Mit uns erreicht die digitale Bildung das nächste Level

Digital Learning

Read more about human-centered and innovative e-learning concepts so that people and companies can activate their full potential.

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Forschungsinhalte zu Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

Even in a classic people business with complex services, digitalization can help with visualization and process support.

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Forschungsinhalte zu New Work

New Work

Buzzword or Must Have. Decide for yourself. Here you will find exciting articles on the topic.

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Industrie 4.0

Digital Twin

The potential of a digital twin is manifold. Here we show some use cases and concepts for success.

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