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The future word of the year 2020 makes the urgency of climate change clear: Green Pressure. It is intended to express the pressure that nature, which is under sustained attack, is exerting on the economy and society. In the meantime, the topic has moved from being a side issue to a corporate objective. Nevertheless, it happens again and again that companies adorn themselves with green laurels, but day-to-day business continues unadjusted. In this way, situations arise time and again in which the activities of companies do not correspond to social or ecological values. The need for genuine, transformative sustainability is more acute than ever. And not only because the ecological and social problem areas are becoming more threatening every day, but also because the pressure on companies to act is increasing. Regulators, customers and investors demand verifiable sustainability concepts and implementation results.

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Digitisation will be able to further strengthen and support sustainable management in the future. This can be achieved by means of data-driven efficiency increases or digital innovations, for example for sustainable urban development, the energy turnaround or CO2-free product development.

However, sustainable digitisation will only succeed if people also trust in the benefits. On the one hand, this requires education in society and, on the other, transparent cooperation between industry and science. After all, the goal of sustainable development is a good life for present and future generations.