Digital Realities & Immersive Twin

The topic has already caused a lot of noise due to its economic relevance and its importance for the employee and is also crucial for the company of the future. It can be assumed that the meeting culture will change significantly. Decentralized, agile organizations and new working models require a rethink. The topic of Virtual Reality (VR) is a milestone on the way to a revolutionary way of digital communication and offers great potentials in various areas.
Virtual meetings in which several conference topics can participate regionally separated, but united in virtual space. Everyone has VR glasses on. The environment is the same for everyone, such as a table that everyone sees. And with a digital pen, notes are written two-dimensionally on a whiteboard in real time. This allows everyone to work on projects simultaneously and together – a development that will make communication processes much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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If you think the whole thing one step further, you can also embed flow simulation data in this virtual conference room as 3D holograms using mixed and virtual reality and make it interactively accessible. This enables faster and more efficient development of new prototypes and thus shortens the innovation cycle of new products.

Furthermore, it is not only possible to embed 3D holograms in conferences, but also to depict entire machines as virtual twins. Digital Twins are designed to increase efficiency and transparency by giving different partners and systems access to the virtual image. Information is displayed in real time and thanks to Digital Realities, the twin is visually realistic. In this way, a production plant can be represented completely digitally and maintenance can be carried out from the headquarters.