A promising start to your career.

Career starters take on responsibility with us right from the start. In our young team, your talents will be challenged and encouraged so that you can make the best possible start to your professional life.

Career starters at August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute

As a career starter or graduate, you will take on responsibility with us right from the start. In our young and dynamic team, your talents will be challenged and promoted, so that you will have an optimal start into your professional life.

After joining us, you will immediately become part of a team and contribute your own ideas to achieve the common goals in the project and in our labs. In the first 6 months, you will go through our onboarding program “RocketStarter”, which is designed to prepare you optimally for your future career. In addition to technical and methodological knowledge, you will gain important experience by taking on your own tasks and responsibilities and will go through a steep learning curve. At the same time, an experienced team member will support you as a mentor and help you to make the best possible personal transition.

In about one year you will develop from a graduate to a professional and a valuable part of our team.

Your personal benefits

Steep learning curve and personal development

A steep learning curve is pre-programmed with us. By working on challenging digitization projects, you will develop not only professionally but also personally.

Comprehensive onboarding

Onboarding means not only learning important professional skills and abilities, but also getting used to working in our team. Our onboarding program “AWSi Rocket Starter” and your mentor will help you with this.

Take responsibility

In our opinion, you learn the most when you do things instead of just watching. With us, you get to “do” things, take on your own responsibility right from the start and contribute your ideas.

Current top jobs for career starters

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter – Green Tech (m/w/d)
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter – Machine Learning & KI (m/w/d)
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter – Prozessdigitalisierung (m/w/d)

Shape the future together with us.

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Mitarbeiter geben sich ein High-Five in der Gruppe

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