Artificial Intelligence & Cooperative Systems

Machine learning is already an integral part of our private lives. Google, Facebook or Amazon: All these companies are already successfully using artificial intelligence. But AI is more than just a new technology. It is the science of self-learning software algorithms that can take over tasks from humans. Many business leaders are still unsure how to put AI into practice. This is often due to ignorance, because AI can save more than human labour.
The pinnacle of AI development is to enable machines to think ahead. We humans observe, listen, we use our past experiences to think about what someone is doing, why they are doing it, to make a prediction about what they will do next.

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In recent years there has been enormous progress in the field of Deep Learning. This has multiplied the potential applications of AI to complement human performance. As a result, AI is relevant for any company of the future that wants to remain competitive in its own market.

AI affects our daily lives and therefore offers amazing opportunities. The automation and scalability provided by AI will enable the business of the future to increase operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience and develop new business models.